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Lummox Press

For me, reading and writing are the two sides of world-exploration. Poems and stories, at their best, are at once both unique and all-embracing, and as necessary to a fully realized life as food and drink — and more, a human pleasure. My hope is that this book will bring a measure of satisfaction to readers. While Carousel contains new material, it is also the culmination of many years of work and publication.  I am grateful to my publisher, Lummox Press, and its editor, RD Armstrong, for an opportunity to share this writing and, hopefully, to cross the bridge from the personal to the universal.

— Judith R. Robinson

Praise for Carousel

“Judith Robinson is a poet of image and motion. She composes poems like songs with clarity and vision, trimmed with memory. She’ll take you along on the road she’s traveling, and it’s the least dangerous place you’ll ever be—filled with flowers and colors—sometimes sadness—but even that will endear – as she holds her mirror up to the world.”

— Grace Cavalieri, “The Poet and the Poem from the Library of Congress”


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Reviews for Carousel

 The poems collected here shimmer with a dusky light, glowing warmly like the sun going down over a still sea."
Pittsburgh Magazine, November 2018

"The tactile moments are presented as empirical gifts, now misplaced and impossible to retrieve."
Pittsburgh City Paper, May 2017


Main Street Rag, Summer 2017