A Poem, Plus

Hello Poetry Lovers,

A video came across my desk that is causing me to share something in addition to poetry today. It is a short film that deals in a wise and tender manner with an aspect of our history. Tragedy is no stranger to the Jewish people. Need I say more? It's not to enjoy, but it is real, and well done.

Here I will include a poem written as a blessed American Jew, spared by time and place from the Shoah.

Yad Vashem*

Here bloom green
carob trees
sweet with spring;
the righteous few
are not forgotten
in Our Garden.
Silence pours
from leaf and vine.

Note the smooth
Stone shapes
amid the blossoms:
the sculpted mother's
arms around
her baby:
the first remembrance
of the human artist.

Beyond the blossoms
his last remembrance,
the dying ashes, the
tiny flames that
burn eternal
within the concrete
and basalt.

---Judith R. Robinson

* Yad Vashem is the name of the memorial to the victims of the Holocaust in Jerusalem

With thanks to Yale Cohen for the video, and thanks to you for clicking in. 

xo Judy