Poet of the Week

Greetings All,

Happy to report that Poetry Super Highway named me "Poet of the Week" for the week of July 30 – August 5. See the post here. And read the poems included below.

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The first true pastel day,
made-up so gaudy bright
the eye stings.
April 25, late this year.
Three days until my son’s birthday, the only perfect
decision I ever made
in this life.  No abortion, so I thank myself.
Forty-six times now.
So I pass a workman in a slicker and cap
wires on the ground around him:
Watch your step!
I will!

I know learned rabbis
who say this matters
as much as my son’s birth:
every hair on David’s head is counted.
So, the workman in the street.
His appearance in the tapestry.


If Not Exactly Human

I would be a swan, I would be a tulip.
I would be simple as a sailboat drifting on a breeze.
I would be made of bright or muted colors
I would be a natural occurrence, but
I would not be a rodent, I would not be a black snake.
I would not be a thing that doesn’t breathe,
I would not be a thing that’s covered in ice.
I would not be a thing for purchase.
I would not be any part of a crime scene.
I would have fragrance, I would have appetite.
I would have movement.  I’d like to sway.
I would know comfort, somehow.
I might be any size or no size.
I might be formless, even invisible, but
You would be able to see me
and I would know it.